2014 Santiam Valley Ranch Honored
Sustainable Small Business of the Year


Welcome to Santiam Valley Ranch

Please meet Luke Fitzpatrick, General Manager of Aquaculture Operations at Santiam Valley Ranch regarding propagation of fish for pond stocking.

Our son Luke has been actively involved in our aquaculture business for many years. It is because of his ongoing help that we have been able to deliver the quality and in-depth assistance to you, our customers. In addition to providing healthy fish, our goals are to assist you in purchasing a quality product, while also including in-depth knowledge of what it takes to have fish in your pond, including the art of pond management. We hope you will enjoy a pond with a balanced ecosystem that will produce fish for you, your children and your grandchildren for many years to come.

Luke processes orders, returning calls, getting transportation hauling permits from Oregon and Washington, and will coordinate behind the scenes by intensively manage the ponds that produce the fish.